Competition Carnivals


What are carnivals?

Carnivals are competitions held between clubs where nippers compete in the disciplines they learn on Sunday morning nippers. These are held at various locations during the season and are generally held on a Sunday.

Each carnival is different and could be at a Bay club or a Surf beach club, nippers are all separated into their age group and have multiple events which include;


Individual Events

Beach sprint

Wade race (running in water)

Surf Swim



Team Events

Board relay

Aqua Cam

Beach relay

Do you have to compete at carnivals?

Carnivals are not for everyone, but if you would like to give one a go please speak to your Age managers who will explain in more detail how you can get involved. Our Age Managers and Assistants will guide your Nipper at Carnivals. We really encourage you to enter your Nipper into at least one carnival so they can experience the fun atmosphere, develop their skills and have fun being part of the team.

Carnivals are not about winning, they are about your Nipper improving their confidence, testing the skills they have learnt through the year and most of all - having fun with their teammates! 


Aspendale LSC offers additional development training for nippers to further develop their skills and fitness for competition

How many Carnivals are there in a season?

There are usually 5-6 carnivals between Nov and Late February with the State Life Saving Champions run over 3 days at the end of the season for U9 - U13’s.


Some carnivals are at Bay clubs, while a couple are held in Ocean Grove, Torquay, Jan Juc, or Lorne. Some families prefer to stay the night before in these locations and make this a fun weekend.

Aspendale LSC aim to identify all carnivals we will be attending at the start of the season so families are able to plan ahead.


If you wish to enter the State Carnival a child must compete in a minimum 1 carnival in order to qualify for the State Championship days. 


Carnivals are charged separately to membership fees and is set by Life Saving Victoria for the cost of running each carnival.

Standard Carnival - $32 entry fee

State Carnival - $56 entry fee


Competition fee can be paid as follows,

  1. Log on to Internet Banking

  2. Select Pay Anyone 

  3. Select New Payee

  4. Select Pay ID

  5. Select ABN

  6. Enter 93827885928

  7. Check the name is displayed as Aspendale Life Saving Club (If not, check you have entered the ABN correctly).

  8. Enter Reference: eg. Surname - competition & location e.g.(Jones, Carnival Chelsea)

  9. Enter Amount

  10. Select Confirm


Please note you also must be a financial member of Aspendale LSC to be able to register for a carnival.