Renewing Membership

Step 1. Log into your Members Area account. members.sls.com.au 

Step 2. Go to Memberships > Family

Step 3. Select ‘Renew Memberships’

Step 4. Tick the boxes for the family members that require to be renewed. View and agree to the SLSA Membership Declaration by selecting the tick box. Click ‘Submit’.

(Please ensure that all members of your family are ticked)

Step 5. It is important that after you have submitted your membership application that you pay your membership fee. On the confirmation screen, details will be provided on how you can pay.

Select ‘Make a Payment’ .

Step 6. Follow the prompts listed to confirm payment to finalise your membership.

(Without payment your membership will not be activated).

Step 7. Once your membership renewal is complete please ensure any members over the age of 18 have a current WWCC linked to Aspendale LSC.

Find out more information on how to link your WWCC card click here

Please Note: All Active Members over the Age of 18+ are required to have an up to date Working With Children Check associated with the Aspendale LSC as a requirement of membership.