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Development Training

Development Training


Aspendale LSC currently offers additional training between 5.30pm - 6.30pm  Wednesday evenings for nippers aged U9 and above.


These sessions are focused on developing nippers skills in;


  • Fitness

  • Open Water Swim

  • Boards

  • Surf/wave management

  • General competition skills

  • Having fun in a mixed group of ages boys and girls.


All Nippers are evaluated on a swimming competency to determine their level of swim ability inline with their age category.


Its great to have parents get involved in these session and get into the water with their kids it helps maintain water safety and is also a great way to be a part of your kids sport.


The sessions are dependent on weather and conditions and generally work as an entire group U9- U14 as well as our Junior YIPS 14 and above.


Groups are split into ability particularly when getting in the water or sometimes train as an entire team as the more experienced kids will help the beginners.

These sessions are designed for nippers to enhance their skills either to be able to compete or just to have fun, everyone is welcome.