Being a member of Aspendale Life Saving Club means so much more than a donation to a worthy cause!   As a member you are entitled to use the facilities the club has to offer when it is open.   Join rostered patrol groups, enjoy family time with Nippers every Sunday during Summer.  Come down and enjoy the beach.


Membership fees for the 2020/2021 season are :














We'd love to have you as a member!





Steps to Join Aspendale Life Saving Club



There are 3 steps involved in becoming a new member or to renew a membership:


 1.  Submit application form electronically through Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Members Portal. Follow procedures below for either a NEW member or EXISTING/RENEWING member.   Each member of a family needs to create a profile using the New Member process.  Families are to create a Family group and one member of the family can maintain all family members.   See how to Create Family Group link below.


 2.  After joining the club for the new season,  follow the instructions on how to join or renew your membership to make the payment via the Payment Gateway (available through Life Saving Online link in the Members Portal). Ensure all members are listed showing all surnames for the receipt.


 3.  Obtain a Working With Children Card or link your current card.

 At Aspendale Lifesaving Club we have approximately 200 children involved in our Nippers program and in line with Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and Life Saving Victoria (LSV) policies, we require all Committee, Patrollies and Age Managers members over the age of 18 – to hold a current Working With Children Check (WWCC).

All the information that you need to complete your application is  HERE. Please ensure that you follow all steps and use the correct address for ALSC and LSV, otherwise we will not receive a notification from the Department of Justice confirming that your WWCC has been approved and we will not be able to accept your membership.

When all 3 steps are completed your application will be submitted to committee for approval.


NEW Membership or rejoining after more than 2 year absence


Follow these instructions for New Members                     How_to_Join_a_club_as_a_New_Member_or_Rejoin_after_an_Absence.pdf                                       

**Important** - All family members over the age of 5 need to be registered individually.  After doing this you can create a Family group for all family members.


RENEW a Club Membership


Follow each step below, for Families only one family member needs to create an account on the Members Portal.   All Family members can be managed from this one account.

Renew a Club Membership                  How_to_Renew_a_Club_Membership.pdf      


Create a Members Portal Account                       How_to_Create_a_Members_Portal_Account.pdf

Create a Family Group for Existing Members                     How_to_Create_a_Family_Group_for_Existing_Members.pdf









If you are unable to create a Portal account or encounter any ‘error’

messages please log a support ticket (

or call at the Helpdesk 1300 724 006.




 - Active Membership is for current Patrol, Committee and Age Manager members.

 - Non-Active Family membership is for Nipper families


For example Non Active Family membership prices:




$160 family with 1 child. 

$200 family with 2 children. 

$240 family with 3 children.