What is Nippers?

Nippers is a fun, educational and healthy summer activity for all the family. Life Saving is an amazing activity for developing a child’s confidence, knowledge and skills in the beach environment. Your child will learn to enjoy our beaches and keep them safe as well as making new friends and having a great time!


Nippers is a training ground for future lifesavers and activities are aimed at building lifesaving and leadership skills. Membership is open to all children aged from 5 – 14 (age taken as at the 30th of September).


Each Sunday during the nipper season, parents and helpers assist with beach and water activities targeting each age group. 


We encourage all parents to play an active role in the Nippers program to make it a more enjoyable experience for yourself and your children. There are many ways you can be involved … as an Age Manager, Age Manager’s assistant, Water Safety Officer or BBQ helper. 


Nippers must wear Sunscreen (to be provided by parents), a flouro vest (included in the Nippers fee, $15 to replace) and Cap (included in the Nippers fee, $10 to replace). Please ensure your child has their drink bottle (named clearly) that can be put in the Age Group tub that is moved around the beach with them.


In addition to the regular training sessions, other social events are organised throughout the season and nippers may also choose to participate in carnivals.


Nippers' is an activity-based program run to educate young children about water safety and awareness when visiting a beach or aquatic environment.


The nipper program also offers the participants the opportunity to meet a new set of friends whilst they are being challenged in activities controlled within a learning environment.

View the full Nipper Calendar of Events, click here.



Through a fun and enjoyable delivery from our qualified instructors nippers are encouraged to learn about lifesaving.


For further information on how to become involved in this fun and enjoyable program, please contact the Nippers Coordinator. Alternatively, potential new members are welcome to attend a session to try it out.


For further information see our Nippers Booklet or check out our Nippers FAQ (see the links below).